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Camden Clothing for Events

Everybody Loves T-Shirts

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Printing and embroidery on t-shirts for all kinds of events


T-shirts are universal - all countries, all ages, all sexes wear custom t-shirts, printed t-shirts and t-shirts with printing and embroidery for all kinds of events.


Whether you're at a wedding in Paris, a hen night in Kilkenny or a promotional conference in Dublin you'll see people wearing custom t-shirts and printed t-shirts, showing off.


Their names, organisations or the product info. And what a great way to get your message across to everyone! Promoting the newest mobile phone on the market? Try screen-printing a t-shirt and people will take notice.


Want to sell your music bands t-shirt at your next big concert or summer festival? Everyone loves a t-shirt.


Design it yourself if you like and we can print endless amounts!

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