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Prices &Quantities

Whether you're looking for large quantities over 25 or smaller quantities under 25 Camden has it covered

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Outlined vector graphics: AI, EPS, PDF. Bit map graphics: JPG, PSD, TIF @ Minimum resolution of 300dpi

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Design Tips& FAQs

We're here to help you get the best results at the best prices. Check out our useful Tips, Tricks & Faqs.

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With over 35 years experience we offer many difference printing processes for you to choose from.

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Printing Prices & Quantities

Printing Quantities Over 25

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you build your order.

  1. Select your garment from the site
  2. Select the quantity of garments required
  3. Add your garment & quantity to the screen-printing price matrix below to work out your final price.

Please note:
Please add an extra colour to the price of printing if you wish to print on dark coloured garments. Extra printing positions are subject to extra pricing. All prices are subject to VAT.

Printing Quantities Under 25

Here are some suggested steps and some information to help you to calculate your job cost.

Select your choice of garment from our website.

Here is some example garment pricing for under 25 quantities:
  • Tee-shirt - €5
  • Hoodies - €20
  • Polo shirt - €10
  • Cap - €5

Choose the number of printing positions you want.

Here is the price structure for position costs:
  • 1st Position - €10 (e.g. - front or back)
  • 2nd & subsequent position - €5 (e.g - arm or side)
We also offer a discount structure for quantities under 25
  • 1-9 = 0%
  • 10-19 = 10%
  • 20-24 = 20%

Just want your name or you number on your shirt?

We can print:
  • Your name on your shirt for €10
  • Your number on your shirt for €5 (per digit)

Please Note: All prices above include VAT.
Discounts don't apply if you supply your own garments or if the print on each garment is different.

Screen Printing Prices

  Number of colours in design:
Number of garments: 1 colour 2 colour 3 colour 4 colour 5 colour 6 colour
25 - 35 €2.55 €4.00 €5.20 €6.55 €8.00 €9.45
36 - 49 €2.55 €3.75 €4.70 €5.85 €7.05 €8.30
50 - 74 €1.80 €2.05 €2.60 €3.15 €3.80 €4.40
75 - 99 €1.80 €2.05 €2.50 €2.95 €3.45 €3.95
100 - 249 €1.10 €1.35 €1.65 €1.95 €2.30 €2.75
250 - 499 €1.00 €1.15 €1.30 €1.50 €1.80 €1.95
500 - 999 €0.85 €1.00 €1.20 €1.30 €1.40 €1.55
1000 - 2499 €0.70 €0.85 €1.00 €1.10 €1.15 €1.20
2500 - 3999 €0.65 €0.80 €0.90 €1.00 €1.05 €1.15
4000 - 4999 €0.60 €0.70 €0.80 €0.85 €0.90 €0.95
5000 - 9999 €0.55 €0.65 €0.75 €0.80 €0.85 €0.90
10000 + €0.50 €0.60 €0.70 €0.75 €0.80 €0.85

Please Note: Prices above are subject to VAT.

Submitting Your Print Artwork & Graphics

What type of files can I submit?

We want to be able to provide you with as much information as possible so that we can process your job in the best possible way. So we have listed some really useful information to make that process run nice and smooth!

We are PC based so Mac files should be converted before supplying them to us. If possible all artwork should be supplied as an outlined vector graphic, ai, eps, pdf, etc.

We will also accept bit map graphics: jpg's, psd's, tiff's, etc but only when we receive and take a closer look at these files can we confirm if they are suitable for printing.

Please note that bit map files (jpg's, psd's, tiff's) should be supplied at a minimum size of 300 dpi so that we can produce the sharpest print possible.

All files can be emailed to us but you can also call in with a USB, CD, DVD, etc.

Please note that the quality of the printing is determined by the quality of the artwork supplied, if you have what looks like a cool image that has Been downloaded from the web please check the size to see if it is suitable for print. If you are unsure just ask!

Design Tips, Tricks & FAQs

  • We have put together a little list of possible points that you might have considered already; hopefully it might answer some of your queries.
  • The quality of the artwork supplied determines the quality of the printing.
  • We can print on the front, back and the arms of most garments. Other print positions can be achieved but please contact us with regard to this.
  • Maximum print size is about A3 size.
  • The quantity of garments ordered affects the price, more garments – more discount.
  • The amount of colours in the design affects the price.
  • The amount of positions we have to print affects the price.
  • Printing on white/light coloured garments is cheaper than printing on dark coloured garments.
  • Keeping designs simple generally works and looks better and is more cost effective.
  • We can generally print on garments supplied but it normally works out cheaper if we supply the garments and print it.
  • Whether it's custom t-shirt printing, transfer printed jackets, embroidered shirts, embroidered polo shirts or embroidered baseball caps we do it all and much much more! Just ask!

Printing Techniques at Camden Clothing

With over 35 years experience in the printing industry you can take comfort in knowing that experts in all printing methods; depending on the kind of job we then match the most suitable printing method. Here is some information on the methods we put into practice at our workroom.

Printing Screen

This method of printing is used for quantities of over 25 garments.

Screen-printing is ideal for large runs of garments for promotional use, resale, advertising, uniforms, etc.

Please note that the price of screen printing is based on the quantity of garment ordered, the amount of colours in the design you want printed and the amount of positions on the garment that require printing.

For the printing enthusiast, here is a little more detailed information about what happens during the screen-printing process.

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials, which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pumping ink past the threads of the woven mesh in the open areas.

Screen printed t-shirts wash very well and the final result is very sharp crisp finish.

CAD Printing

This process is generally used for quantities under 25. The quality of this printing is very sharp and durable. It is a vinyl finish that is heat pressed onto the garments, It is ideal for one colour text, logos and shapes and can be applied to most fabrics, tee shirts, jackets, bags, etc. There is a large selection of colours available. The artwork required for this process is vectored files.

Versacam Printing

This process is generally used for quantities under 25. The quality of this digital print is excellent. It is perfect for small quantities with complex full colour graphics. This printing method is suitable for most fabrics, tee shirts, jackets, bags, etc. The artwork required for this process is vectored files.

Light Transfer Printing

This process is generally used for quantities under 25. This process is used on white or very light colourd garments. The print quality is very sharp with vibrant colours. It is ideal for photos and full colour complex graphics.